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Part II: Time and Texture





Foundations of individual style

research and exploration into lifestyle and work,

from urban and rural spaces 

Can promote further design value impact.


Design Summary: Habitat, a space of dynamic social interaction; Alley, a form of diverse community. As the name suggests, Tan Alley is an interactive and community-focused hotel brand. The design creates diverse, superlative, urban scenes from interiors, furnishings, products, forms and sensory experiences to promote a deep integration of Jiangnan locality and modern lifestyle.



The Texture of Time


We have been exploring how matter and space have become both the medium and image of the perception of time, that is, "the texture of time." This texture can withstand gaze, touch and experience, solidify the fleeting, shape memory, eliminate barriers between tradition and modernity, melt the material with the aesthetic, and penetrate life with feeling. Through reductionism, we reduce the historical expression behind the materiality and the materials in Tan Alley as much as possible. We construct a new space and object language of scale, relationship, sense, and order everywhere: from individual rooms to public areas, from furniture and lighting. This integration of matter and space reflects our pursuit of “the texture of time”. Upon arriving at Tan Alley, people can be liberated from the heavy, rigid, standardized, context of an ancient town, and escape from the tension and high pressure of the city.


Unconventional Space


People who love Tan Alley should have the experience of excellence or anticipation for the spaces of “everyday time” and “extraordinary time”. We provide experiences of “unconventional”, “non-traditional” and “non-westernized” spaces. Lobby spaces with sky windows, large metal walls with flexible corners, indirect light sources, and copper lines in calm, simple, water-polished floors sparkling in the light: these unique elements provide distance from commonplace, traditional spatial language while also gradually creating familiarity.


A range of customized furniture in the hotel lobby, including specially-made lamps by independent designers, form a visual rhythm in counterpoint to the thick and partial vertical and horizontal surfaces. These visual notes compose space that flows as a serendipitous song of time.


Time for watching the clouds


Our restaurants and bars in Tan Alley provide urban lifestyle experiences, making up for the lack of nightlife in the ancient town. At the same time, drawing on the glass house concept of Philip Johnson, the wide, large, glass windows bring four seasons of the village to life. At the end of the day, the extraordinary lighting and intertwined experiences not only encourage people to change from the everyday to the extraordinary, but also creates a cup of time when they can sit and watch the clouds.


The expanse of time


Considering external constraints, we choose materials that convey time, such as copper, cement, stone, and solid wood, for façades, decorative material texture, material transition, color system integration, visual conversion and product ‘feel’. In an era of rapid obsolescence, we push against the tide. We use the materials and space of this project to create lasting relationships between people and things; people and space become intimate and relaxed because of this subtle sense of the expanse of time.


Consistent Excellence


Excellence exists not only in the private spaces of Tan Alley, but is also equally important in open spaces. Custom furniture, accessories, lighting, and even the configuration of every piece of tea, are designed to create consistent excellence. Color and light, form and scale, sturdiness and comfort lend small town life a cosmopolitan attitude.


38 Rooms, 30 Styles 


Village renovation was the toughest design difficulty. All rooms need to be updated based on the spatial structure of the original village residents. As a design hotel, non-standardization is our theme. This has resulted in a variety of room types ranging from standard rooms, suites, lofts to single-family homes. Tan Alley has become the design hotel with the most large-sized rooms in Wuzhen. We provide our guests a superlatively imaginative stay experience.


Urban experiences in a village


Diverse rooms, select designer brands, international design brand furniture, German high-end bedding products, and bathing accessories combine with unique modern minimalist aesthetics and quality leisure experiences for different room types to create an unexpectedly urban, high-end, comfortable, home away from home. All hidden within Tan Alley.


Leisure and fun

在谭家栖巷,从每一盏精妙的灯光,每一件舒适的家具,每一晚酣然入梦的深度睡眠,都可找到都市没有的松弛感,但不缺都市应有尽有的品质感,以及与“家”相关的舒适感。用心的客人不难发现,无论是套房还是标间,从空间秩序规划到家居产品摆放都创建 “非标化”特质,包括精选墙面的艺术家作品,我们隐性设计了每一套客房的“个性”。这由设计师高定产品打造的特定场所,旨在为入住栖巷的客人创造更多趣味性体验。

In Tan Alley, every exquisite lighting piece, every comfortable piece of furniture, and every night of deep sleep with sweet dreams, you can find a deep sense of relaxation that the city does not have without giving up the taste of the city, and the comforts of ‘home’.  Interested guests can easily discover, whether in a suite or a standard room, a “non-standardized” character has been created from spatial order planning to the placement of the home accessories, even including the art work on the wall. We have designed each room invisibly to provide "the unique". These premium customized products create specific places, providing more flavorful experiences for our guests staying in Tan Alley.


Review and summary: At Tan Alley, we are not only designers of architecture, interior, products and vision, but have also become scene imaginers, business connectors and lifestyle creators. Fortunately, we cooperate only with renowned, quality enterprises, on a real-life case by case basis. We take aesthetics as our axis and an experiential approach to space as our foundation. We cross the boundaries between art design and residential life, integrating leisure, fashion and culture. We express the texture of time through material and space. Through this dialogue between the contemporary and the local, a century-old community has been transformed into a new landmark in the ancient town ready to embrace the future.







设计单位:Bob Chen Design Office


设计管理组:胡冰, 沈云峦

建筑室内组:史约瑟, 吕杨勇, 刘亚楠, 吴洪伟, 罗嗣荣, 梁宝江, 方凯

家具软装组:李祥, 王超, 茹燕

平面视觉组:江平, 李芳雨, 李弘驰, 王媛媛


项目摄影:稳摄影, 汪敏杰


工程施工:芝麻装饰, 华跃装饰, 海华五金

家具品牌:TOUCHFEELING, 杭州Enjoy space(Vitra, artek, avarte, HAY), SoLife, WUU


Tan Alley project information: 

Project schedule: 2016.6 – 2018.10

Project area: 10,000 square meters

Address: No.10, Tan Alley, Hongqiao Village, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Client: Tongxiang Wuzhen Tan Alley Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Design: Bob Chen Design Office

Art Director: Bob Chen

Management: Hu Bing, Shen Yunluan

Interior design: Shi Yuese, Lv Yangyong, Liu Yanan, Wu Hongwei, Luo Sirong, Liang Baojiang, Fang Kai

Furniture design: Li Xiang, Wang Chao, Ru Yan

Graphic design: Jiang Ping, Li Fangyu, Li Hongchi, Wang Yuanyuan

Brand Strategy ( Research, Marketing, Cross-Cultural Communication ): T-LAB

Photos: Wen Office,  Wang Minjie

Hotel Management: K&Y Hotel Management Consultants

Construction: Sesame Decoration, Hua Yue Decoration, Hai Huan Hardware

Furniture: TOUCHFEELING, Hangzhou Enjoy space(Vitra, artek, avarte, HAY), SoLife, WUU

Signage Production: Ningbo Craftsman Logo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



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