VARIETY SALON 沃沙龙三里屯店:不止于家

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摘要:VARIETY SALON 沃沙龙三里屯店:不止于家

工体西路,北京潮流夜生活的代表。走在这里,远远的你就会在四周喧嚣的建筑包围中注意到这幢的格外宁静的建筑——沃沙龙VARIETY SALON。2层楼高的简约白色外立面,巨型透明落地窗连接内外,它像是一个画框——勾勒着内部由不同灯光打造的丰富层次空间。窗里圆润轮廓的沙发和金铜色的酒吧台,像一个打开的首饰盒,一目了然地展现给窗外的世界。

Located in the heart of the city on Gongti West Road, VARIETY SALON quietly sits surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Beijing’s trendy nightlife scene. The 2-story building features a simple white facade that acts as a picture frame for two giant square floor-to-ceiling windows, showcasing the beautiful illuminated interior space. Behind the first floor window, rounded sofas and a bronze bar counter are reminiscent of prized possessions inside a jewelry box, on display to the outside world.


VARIETY SALON aims to melt away the stress and pressures of the daily grind, inviting its guests to embark on a relaxing getaway. As the workday comes to a close, VARIETY SALON is here to help rejuvenate the body and enlighten the soul.


Echoing the bar street theme of Sanlitun, the first floor entrance doubles as a bar area. The idea is for VARIETY SALON to not only be a hairdressing salon, but also a relaxing space for guests to enjoy. It can be a place to prepare before a night on the town, or a refuge to escape from the chaos of the city.



As guests step into the store, the deliberate design of the interior space gradually evokes the feeling of being home.


The relatively low ceiling of the building’s first floor provides a cozy atmosphere and is complemented well by Pronounced Design’s split-level design, which greatly opens up the space. Giant wooden bookshelves connect the upper and lower floors, establishing a sense of order throughout the salon. The aesthetic tone of the brand is immediately evident upon entering the store. Every detail has been meticulously calculated, from the size of the furniture to every embellishment, from the spacing and proportions to the careful use of blankness.

1st Floor Space


With a main color palette of beige, white, and gray, a sense of simplicity reverberates throughout the space. Green plants are strategically scattered around to help increase vitality, while curved arches and spiral staircases elicit a soothing atmosphere. Every design element independently supports and builds an aura of tranquil beauty within the salon.



A sense of balance is achieved throughout the store by the open coziness in the welcome area and the exclusivity in the hairdressing space, mirroring the same flow inside one’s home – a dance from the bustling living room to the private bedroom.


For guests in the waiting area, they can either look for styling inspiration from the Variety Magazines on the bookshelf, or treat themselves with a drink at the bar, or simply sit back on the couch enjoying the street view through the window on the upper floor.


In the hairdressing area, the use of space is completely transformed to emphasize privacy and exclusivity. Re-inventing the traditional format of sitting in rows, the designer utilized mirrored partitions set at 120-degrees to provide a private atmosphere. In addition, the hair cutting and shampoo area also feature floor-to-ceiling curtains, ensuring the most personal and exclusive experience for guests.


For those who look for higher exclusivity, a private VIP room is designed near the dressing room on the upper floor.

沃沙龙VARIETY SALON不仅是一家美发沙龙,通过这个缔造美的空间里,它为人们的生活呈现更多的新连接:与他人的新连接,以及与美的新连接,也成为汇聚美感生活方式新生代的聚集地。

More than just a hair salon, Variety creates a journey of aesthetics with more connection to people and more connection to beauty, offering a station of art of living for the new generation.

项目地点:中国 ,北京

面积:  400 平方米

主创设计:林天皓 ANDY

设计团队:  信善喜,韩义

家具:8Hours,  &Tradition, 梵几Fnji


Location:  Beijing, China

Scope:  400 sqm

Lead Architect:  Andy Lin

Design Team:  Sunghee Shin & Yi Han

Furniture:  8Hours, &Tradition, Fnji

Photographer:  YunPu Cai


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